Buzz Aldrin receiving 'Moon Talk'.

photo credit: Ross Bell, Executive Director of Aerospace States Association.

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AACLA Mission
 The mission of the Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association is to collect, preserve, and interpret the legacy of Arthur Collins and the Collins Radio Company he founded.

 At fifteen, Arthur maintained reliable communication - when few others could - with the 1925 McMillan expedition to northern Greenland, using radios he had designed and built, along with techniques for short wave communication he had worked out in advance with the ship’s radio operator, John Reinartz, Collins gained national recognition for his feat.

 Over the next four decades Collins built a Fortune 500 Company with, at its peak, over 24,000 employees, known for its extraordinary innovation in avionics and aerospace, advanced radio communication, microwave, telecommunication, and computers.

 A shy man, averse to self-promotion and rarely giving interviews or public speeches, the story of Arthur Collins and his contributions to modern technology are little-known even within the electronics industry.

 The Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association is committed to preserving the memory of this important innovator.
The 90-year Saga of Our 30W
Rod has authored a story about the lineage of the Collins 30W Transmitter on display in the Collins Aerospace Museum.
From its beginning in Art's basement - to Shepherd, Tennessee - then back home here in Cedar Rapids.
View the story here.
Photos from Neil Armstrong's Visit
On May 29, 1975 Neil Armstrong was invited as the keynote speaker at a Collins Management Club dinner.
A photographer recorded many of the attendees getting to meet and greet the famous moon walker.
We are asking our readers to 'give them a look' and if you spot someone you know, drop Rod a line.
He has a good start of the names listed with each photo...
View the page here.
Space Faring Civilisation Film Festival
More good news.
Moon Talk has been accepted in the Space Faring Civilisation Film Festival in Canberra, Australia.
View the festival here.
DunedIn International Film Festival
Dunedin International Film Festival has updated the Judging Status of your submission The Collins Story - Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Moon Talk to Selected. This project has been selected to be included in the festival.
View the festival here.
Wayne International Independent TV & Film Festival
We are beyond excited to inform you that your film has been selected as an official selection at this years Wayne International Independent TV & Film Festival. Your film will be screened during the festival and will be in consideration for “Best Of” in your category.
View the festival here.
Article in the Dallas Morning News
Teri Webster from The Dallas Morning News published an article on Richardson's connection to the Collins Radio Company and the development of the Space Communications Equipment described in "Steps to the Moon".
Click here to read the article.
Read more about Gemini
If you enjoyed our last movie "Steps to the Moon" you may also be interested in a back story from Hugo Kann who served on the Gemini design team for the HF receiver and later, Project Engineer.
View the story here.
What's New ?
Latest additions to the AACLA web site

• The HISTORY of our Museum's 30W Transmitter.
• Neil Armstrong's 1975 VISIT with Collins Employees.
• A new page to highlight AACLA and local STEM Programs.
• An article, by Hugo Kann, about the Gemini Program and his efforts to manage the equipment design and installation.
• An article, by Larry Pinkston, about "Radio Bikini", a WWII-era TSC-9 that was in use during Operation Crossroads.
• Several Articles About the 1930's Collins Farms Business Adventure.
• A Collection of Collins Radio Company 'Firsts'.
Opening Day at Honeysuckle Creek
March 17, 1967
- You might enjoy this video from one of our Australian cousins, and Apollo enthusiasts, Colin Mackellar.
- Colin is a regular contributor to the Friends of Honeysuckle Creek - one of NASA's tracking stations, assembled by the Collins Radio Company, during the Apollo program.
- Only a few months after these photos were taken, the equipment shown was in use on July 20th 1969 relaying voice and video from Tranquility Base on the moon.
- During this epic event, Honeysuckle Creek's antennas were in a prime position to down-link the first steps on the moon...
- BTW: The lucky staff, that day, at Honeysuckle Creek, got to watch the best "raw" quality video - while the rest of us only saw the blurry "scan converted" stuff.
- Where is this place?
Google Earth Users - search for:
Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Stn., Apollo Road, Tennent ACT, Australia
- Also: Visit their site.
View the video here.
Collins Retirees in the Dallas/Richardson area
The Rockwell Collins Retirees Association in Richardson Texas

Check out the "Collins History (1952-Today)" link on their 'About-Us' page. You will find a detailed PDF about the history of the company's building complex, in and around Richardson.
View the WEB SITE here.
- IMPA Awards Announced -
We Won Three Categories!
- Live from the Moon -

• In the category Editing – Medium Form (30-59 Minutes):
• THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE GOES TO... Eric Dean Freese – The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon

• In the category Soundtrack Audio Mix:
• THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE GOES TO... Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon

• In the category Voice Over Narration:
• THE AWARD OF ACHIEVEMENT GOES TO... Steven James – The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Live from the Moon
View the the results here.
Collins Aerospace Museum
Looking for more information about Arthur Collins and the Collins Radio Company?
Visit the Collins Aerospace Museum's web site.
Edited by Rod and Larry - so you know it is loaded with good stuff!
View the Site here.
The Collins Story - Connecting The Moon To The Earth documentary series is available for streaming.
Click on a movie poster to watch each film on Vimeo.
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  • 4
  •  — A Culture of Innovation - click image.
  •  — Steps to the Moon - click image.
  •  — Moon Talk - click image.
  •  — Live from the Moon - click image.
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This Month in History - January
January 7th, 1932
 –90 years ago.
Arthur’s first advertisement appeared in the nationally recognized magazine QST.
His early company, Radio Laboratories, Inc. W9CXX, noted, "Three transmitter types were available."
January 31st, 1971
 –51 years ago.
Apollo 14 "Kitty Hawk" with Astronauts, Alan B. Shepard, Jr., Edgar D. Mitchell, and Stuart A. Roosa began their journey to the moon. Shepard and Mitchell landed the Lunar Module "Antares" at Fra Mauro on February 5th and returned to earth on the February 9th.
FY21 Annual Report
Our annual report is being edited.
When complete, we will upload the revised version...
View the Document here.
1937 Collins Stock
From Creation to Consolidation - View the share certificates of Arthur’s Iowa-based corporation.
View the page here.