The History of Space Communications at Collins Radio

The 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon was augmented by our "Moon Talk" and "Live from the Moon" documentaries.

Our next documentary will be fitting in that it covers all space-related Collins Radio projects leading up to the Apollo missions...

Within these pages we hope to highlight the Collins Radio Company's contribution to America's expedition to place American Astronauts on the moon.

We will be gleaning articles from two of our company's publications, Collins Pulse and Collins Signal along with commentary from some of the employees that performed the work.

Not only the electronics units on the spacecraft, but NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) antenna system, microwave links and ground support communications were contracted to the Collins Radio Co.

Beginning with the Mercury & Gemini programs
and continuing through Apollo,
“Every American voice transmitted from space
was via Collins Radio Co. equipment”.