Examples of Arthur’s 9CXX, W9CXX and WØCXX QSL Cards.

Almost all Amateur Radio Operators, then and now, use QSL post cards to complete their radio contacts with fellow “Hams”. Besides the station’s call sign, they generally include the date & time, band (or frequency) used and a note about the reception quality. If there is room on the card; the type of transmitter, power output and antenna are mentioned.

These post cards are just the right size to decorate the collector's “shack” walls - as reminders of a successful contact.

0 front
Hand-drawn card. — Courtesy of Bill Smith, WØWOI, Jefferson, IA
00 front
Hand-drawn card. — Courtesy of The ARRL Historical Collection
00 back
Addressed to D.B. Geonhant, 9AQU.
1a front
1b front
Card to Milton Koupal, 7GQ. — Courtesy of Bob Koupal, gransdon.
1b back
Addressed to Milton in Eugene, Oregon.
2 front
2 back
3 front
4 front
5 front
5 back
5a front
5a back
5b front
5b back
6 front
6 back
7 front
7 back
8 front
8 back
9 front
9 back
10 front
10 back
11 front
11 back
Cards 1-11 — Courtesy of Rod Blocksome, KØDAS