Office Staff: Circa 1934-35
Nicely composed photo of eight Collins Radio Co. office workers - notice the immaculately clean desks.
This editor is guessing that we are on the ground floor of the southeast ell of the Metropolitan Building. The morning (10:30) sun is shinning into the windows at the far (south) end of the room.
We see a lot of short-sleeved blouses - it must be Summer.
Left to Right: Katherine Horsfall, Frances Power, Park Rinard, Irene Snyder, Faye Dunn, Betty Davis, Lucille Dotson, and Marjorie James.
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Photo dated!
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The scene here at the Collins Radio Co. was recorded sometime in July 1934. The calendar at the right shows Sunday on the 1st of the month and the gal (Katherine Horsfall) at the lower left has a July 9, 1934 issue of Time Magazine on her desk.
That’s New York Yankee, Vernon Gomez on the cover
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More about Katie
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Kathie Horsfall First Employee To Receive 40-Year Pin
Collins Radio Company, which became a corporation September 25, 1933, last month presented the first 40-year pin to an employee.
Recipient of the honor is Miss Katherine Horsfall, who joined the company in October 3, 1933, and who has served continuously in secretarial positions since that date.
Most of her career has been with sales and marketing departments, and she is currently secretary for James L. Churchill, vice president of Avionics marketing.
—Excerpt from the November 1973 issue of Collins Pulse.
- - -
Katherine was born May 9, 1910 in Roanoke, VA She passed away in November 1981 and is buried next to her sister, Virginia, in the Mount Calvary Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA.

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