Mobile Radio Propagation Study: 1927
Summer 1927, Winfield Salisbury, Paul Engle and Arthur Collins about to leave on a 7,000 mile trip to several western states to conduct 40-20 meter radio propagation.
Arthur, 9CXX, was assigned a special call, 9ZZA, for the trip.
The project was championed by Dr. Taylor of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington to help the Navy learn and become more proficient using short wave frequencies.
Still working on the make of the van! Clues are: wooden spoke wheels, no front bumper, front leaf springs (common for the date), distinctive swirl at the top of the grill frame, the roof makes a gentle slope. I’m guessing 1926 Dodge Bros. delivery van.

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Inside the Van
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Taken from The May 1946 issue of Collins Column.

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