Occasionally we build a product and it never makes it into production. The name tag on this unit say’s “UNIT 1AOF AN/ARC-13 (XN-1) NXSA-67966 SER.2:COL”.
This radio was a UHF COMM Transmitter/Receiver complete with a GUARD channel targeted for U.S. Navy aircraft.
The RECEIVER window shows the number 100, the EXCITER window is centered on 110, the INT.AMP. shows 320-220-110, TRANS. indicates 120 and ANTENNA is set on 70.
It has 5 Autotune knobs and what looks like a 6-position preset switch on the left.
Take a look at the ‘comment’ below to see two of ’em under test.
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ARC-13(s) under test
Submitted by L.Tj on February 13, 2017 - 3:52PM – 127 Views.
We see two of these mysterious ARC-13s under test. These are obviously engineering units in that the name tags are missing and the covers are removed during debugging.
We can see that unit 1 and 2 have differences - where the antenna wires are attached.
These units were used for development and test but never put into production. Later we produced a zillion ARC-27s to fill the Navy’s need for UHF Comm.
Photo taken in the Collins Control Tower next to our hanger - so we’re thinking shortly after 1945.

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