Collins, In the Movies
by: Rod Blocksome

Often one can catch a glimpse of Collins equipment on TV or at the Movies. Itís always interesting to see how accurate the particular scene portrays the equipment.

I thought it might be interesting to publish a list of “Collins Spots” based on notes Iíve made over the years.

By publishing this list, I hope you might add your “Collins Cameos” by dropping me an email.

Rod Blocksome

Bond travels in Style...
YearTitleStarsSceneCollins Equipment
Warner Bros.
James Arness, James Witmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, Fess ParkerNuclear Tests in desert create mutant giant ants & has a scene where a guy hurridly sends a CW message on a bug in front of Collins A/Line rigs.Collins A/Line?
United Artists
Sean Connery, Honor BlackmanJames Bond exits a Jet Star aircraft sporting a Collins VHF Blade antenna with the “meatball” logo on it.VHF aircraft Blade antenna.
1964Father Goose
Universal Pictures
Cary Grant, Trevor HowardSeveral Collins radios are shown in the radio room of the British Base.??
1966The Glass Bottom Boat
Doris Day, Arthur Godfrey, Rod TaylorDoris Day uses an S/Line frequently in the movie. Soviet spy station has old Collins St. James Gray Equipment.Collins A/Line
1968-1980Hawaii FiveĖO TV Series
CBS Productions
Jack LordPolice station scenes often show a Collins KW-1 Transmitter.KW-1
1980The Final Countdown
United Artists
Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katharine RossThe aircraft carrier Nimitz is thrown back in time to December 6, 1941 Ė Just before Pearl Harbor is attacked.KWM-2, SM-2, and perhaps, 312B-4
1983Never Say Never Again
Warner Bros.
Sean ConnerySean Connery on board a ship, during a fake fire drill, sneaks into the radio room to send a message back to HQ on a KWM-380.KWM-380
1990Memphis Belle
Warner Bros.
Mathew Modine, Harry Connic Jr., John Lithgow, Billy Zane, et alWWII B-17 Bomber crew ready for their 25th mission & thus first to earn a trip home.AN/ART-13
1992Crazy in Love (TV Movie)Holly Hunter, Bill Pulman, Gena Rowlands?Collins S/Line
Buena Vista Pictures
John TravoltaJohn Travoltaís friend is a ham with a KWM-2.KWM-2
Warner Bros.
Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaugheyDr. Eleanor Ann Arroway, as a young girl, uses a KWM-2.KWM-2
1998Primary Colors
Universal Pictures
John Travolta, Kathy BatesPolitics and dirty tricks in a presidential race use KWM-380ís.KWM-380
  May 1, 2018