Collins Family, Christmas Cards
by: Richard Nabholz

Art and Peg sent my Mom several personal holiday greeting cards with pictures of Art, Peg and their children inside. Since I'm in the process of cleaning out items here at home, I thought a museum might like these as opposed to throwing them away.

Circa - 1943

I have some personal items Art & Peg sent to my Mother while she worked directly for the Collins family. She was Madge Taylor then and had graduated from St. Luke's nursing school in Cedar Rapids.

Mom graduated from Washington High School in 1928 and after graduating from nursing school jobs were scarce with the depression. A fellow schoolmate of hers was Ruby MacArthur, who worked at the Collins plant as an Industrial nurse. Ruby told her to come out and apply. She did, and was hired.

Circa - 1945

Ruby went on to marry Arnold Pyle, who was a local Cedar Rapids artist who studied under Grant Wood. My Mom married Orvie Nabholz from Shellsburg in 1944. After a period of time working at the plant, Art approached my Mother with an opportunity to work at the Collins home as a Nanny/Caretaker for the Collins children, Susie & Michael. Mom took the offer and was in that position for several years, I'm guessing in the 30's and 40's, before she married.

Mom was born in 1910 and died in 1999. I was born in 1951 and grew up on the Family farm in Shellsburg. My Father, Orvie (1897 - 1974), worked for LeFebure Corp. in Cedar Rapids for 43 years in several positions and filed a number of patents on behalf of the company.
—Rich Nabholz

The package was delivered this afternoon. How adorable those cards are and thank you again for providing to the Museum.
I will deliver them tomorrow to our Docents.
Rebecca L. Woodward
Senior Paralegal
Office of the General Counsel
Collins Aerospace

My Mother, Madge Taylor Nabholz before she was married. It's dated 1944, which would have been about the time period she worked at Collins.
That's also the year she married my Dad, Orvie Nabholz.

I found a picture of my Mother [Madge Bea (Taylor) Nabholz] in her nurses' uniform. Since she graduated from High School in 1928, this would have been from the '30's.
Judging from the window frame, this photo was probably taken in the Metropolitan building. —Editor